Salesforce Integration


Salesforce is a Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management. It can support more than 800 application. It is designed to manage the organization’s data, which focus on the customer with sales data. The Salesforce is used across the world to leverage its benefits of scalability and security. Most of the applications are hosted on Salesforce. Also, it has a feature to customize its inbuilt data structure. Register now and attend  Salesforce Integration Online training demo session.

Course Objectives

Salesforce Integration Online Training Objectives
  • Complete knowledge of Salesforce.
  • Learn Salesforce configuration.
  • Development of the web application.
  • The architecture of Salesforce.
  • Learn schema builder.
  • Work on hosting of Application on Salesforce.
Who should go for Integration Course
  • Any IT experienced Professional who want to be Salesforce Developer/System Administrator.
  • Any B.E/ B.Tech/ BSC/ M.C.A/ M.Sc Computers/ M.Tech/ BCA/ BCom College Students in any stream.
  • Fresh Graduates.
  • Cloud Computing
  • Database Concept

Course Content

Integration and Web Services
  • What is Integrations
  • Definition Of Web Services.
  • What is WSDL
  • Types of integration
  • WSDL
  • XML
  • Difference between Session Header & Session ID
  • Types of API( APIs,Streaming API and Bulk API,Meta Data api) SOAP & REST.
  • Wrapper classes usability in SOAP Call In Integration.
  • Integrating standard WSDL of SOAP
  • Exposing Apex classes as SOAP Web Services
  • Writing more efficient SOAP Apex Web Services & Testing WSDL
  • SOAP Call out Integration
  • Consuming external SOAP WSDL files into Salesforce.
  • Generating Apex class code from Partner WSDL and Enterprize WSDL.
  • Complete Analyzation while parsing external WSDL files into Saleforce
  • Real-Time Call In Integration using SOAP and WSDL Files(salesorce to salesforce)
Rest Call API
  • Call in integration using standard rest resources
  • Exposing apex classes as rest web services & rest annotations
  • http callouts,
  • http,httprequest
  • httpresponse
  • How to implement callouts from triggers,unit test classes for callouts
  • Practiing more efficent rest apex web services
  • Scenario base rest call out integration
  • JSON Parser Syntax
  • Parsing JSON Data
  • JSON Serialization
  • JSON Parser and JSON De-serialization
  • Real Time Call In Integration using Rest
  • Real Time Call Out Integration using Rest
  • Frequently Used Integration Tools:
  • Custom Setting:
  • Deployment: Quick Deployment,Change sets
  • Advanced Security, Assigning Profiles.
  • Organization wide defaults,Sharing rules,Criteria Based and Owner based
  • Setup Duplicate Management, Create or Edit Duplicate rules
  • Create or Edit Duplicate rules,Matching Rules
  • Custom Lables & Translation Workbench,Custom Labels
  • How to Enabling Tranlation Workbench
  • What is Communities.
  • SalesForce Communities?
  • Types of Communities.
  • Enable SalesForce Communities.
  • Creating Community.
  • Enable Global header for Communities.
  • Adding Tabs to the Community.
  • Adding Member To your community.
  • Community Users. 
Process Builder
  • Overview
  • Limits
  • Considerations
  • Create Processes
  • Managing Process
  • WorkFlows With Process Builder
Lightning Components and Builder
  • Introduction to lighting components
  • Components and JavaScript Controllers
  • Apex Components
  • Creating Components
  • Creating Component Attributes

Courses Features

  • Language
  • Lectures
  • Certification
  • Project
    5 Minor + 1 Major
  • Duration
    64 hrs + 36 hrs
  • Max-Students

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