The Art of Software Development

Software development process model

Our software development process

Iterative software development process

Cyberaegis has designed its iterative software development process to allow fast and low cost project development. It comprises all phases for working out a complete software solution.

Based on the project’s characteristics, a customized development model can be easily selected. Sub-processes are well-documented, including procedures, work instructions and templates for records. Tools and artifacts are clearly defined.

The diagram of the software development model is presented below. This model is preferred in case when the customer does not interact on daily basis with the development team placed in our office.

Iterative software development model designed by Cyberaegis

Some of the key characteristics of our software development process are:

  • “plug and play” – fast project initiation
  • “just go” – ability to create deliverables starting from incomplete, missing, specifications
  • “it works” – the system has proved working in over 100 projects in the last 4 years

Agile software development model

Cyberaegis is flexible with regards to the software development process model used; as a consequence other iterative development models are also used in the company: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, etc. These models are preferred in the case that the customer agrees to take an active role in the development of his project, allocating a Product Owner on his side.